The HKDSE Vocabulary Vault | 香港中學文憑試 超頻英語單字寶庫

The HKDSE Vocabulary Vault: Your Key to Reading Excellence (1)

香港中學文憑試 超頻英語單字寶庫 (1)

The HKDSE Vocabulary Vault aims to alleviate the often-daunting task of memorizing a vast number of words by providing students with a streamlined and effective learning tool. It serves as a valuable resource for HKDSE candidates and anyone seeking to enhance their English vocabulary proficiency.

We firmly believe that technology can revolutionize how we learn and acquire knowledge. By utilizing computer macros and data analysis capabilities, we have created a unique and invaluable resource for students who are determined to excel in the HKDSE English reading examinations. This book represents a pioneering effort to harness the power of technology in language learning, emphasizing the practical application of vocabulary in real-world examination contexts.

When I Fall in Love with English Series | 當我愛上英語系列

When I Fall in Love with English: (1) Sentence Construction

當我愛上英語:(1) 句型 • 建構

Writing well in English requires proficiency in English grammar, comprehensive knowledge of academic vocabulary and a master of sentence structures. As students strengthen their writing abilities, they also naturally improve their understanding of English grammar, expand their English lexicon, and advance their reading comprehension skills.

This book is written primarily for secondary students who are interested in English sentence structures. All of the chapters covered introduce structural patterns about cause-and-effect relationships in texts. They emphasize on the various ways in which you can link causes and effects in academic settings and the importance of using a range of cause-and-effect structures in your writing.

( 本書由美善出版有限公司出版 published by Mesa Press Ltd.)

When I Fall in Love with English: (2) Reading Rapid Tests

當我愛上英語:(2) 閱讀 • 快測

The book, Reading Rapid Tests, consists of a collection of short reading passages written by Michael and Ian. We have covered many "hot" topics: Mirror, Squid Game, Ossan's Love and most "talked" issues: Online Learning, Home office, Online Scam that have been circulating in various social media platforms for the past couple years.

All the reading passages are accompanied by a set of questions that are specially and carefully written to familiarise students with the latest question types tested in English Paper 1 Reading Comprehension at the HKDSE.

( 本書由美善出版有限公司出版 published by Mesa Press Ltd.)

HKDSE 香港中學文憑 | 英文作文大補帖系列

Book 1 - Falling in Love with Sentence Structures


ISBN 978-962-296-062-6

英文句型是英文的生命,沒有別具一格的英文句型,寫出來的句子就欠缺生命力。本書羅列了六十種變化萬千的英語句型,使同學書寫出來的文章更具生命力,並額外提供五百多組超強動詞片語,豐富考生遣詞用字的表達能力。對應付香港中學文憑試、IELTS 雅思國際英語測驗、TOEFL iBT 托福考試的學生,以及大專生、大學生、社會各階層人士、上班一族、有心改善英文的人士有莫大幫助。

Book 2 - The Power of Persuasion: Writing Argumentative Essays (2nd Edition)


ISBN 978-962-296-098-5

“The moment we want to believe something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it, and become blind to the arguments against it.”

- George Bernard Shaw


Book 3 - Essential HKDSE Vocabulary 500


ISBN 978-962-296-064-0

“The ambiguities of language, both in terms of vocabulary and syntax, are fascinating: how important connotation is, what is lost and what is gained in the linguistic transition.”

- Marilyn Hacker


Book 4 - The Little Blue Book on English Grammar and Expressions


ISBN 978-962-296-067-1

READ to WRITE better; 

LISTEN to SPEAK smarter.


Book 5 - Verb-Noun Collocations to Impress


ISBN 978-962-296-097-8

“You shall know a word by the company it keeps.”

- J. R. Firth, A Synopsis of Linguistic Theory

本書是我們特別為香港中學文憑試所寫的第五步曲,之前完成的四個系列主要著重句型分析、議論寫作、常用字彙和文法運用,而此系列則集中羅列常用的四百組動名詞搭配 (Verb-noun collocation) 及範例,務求同學在英語表達上,更符合英美外國人道地寫作習慣,使考生不論在香港中學文憑試、IELTS 雅思國際英語測驗、以及 TOEFL iBT 托福考試上,都能取得卓越的成績。

Book 6 - The Power of Imagination: Writing Short Stories


ISBN 978-962-296-072-5

“We can tell people abstract rules of thumb which we have derived from prior experiences, but it is very difficult for other people to learn from these. We have difficulty remembering such abstractions, but we can more easily remember a good story. Stories give life to past experience. Stories make the events in memory memorable to others and to ourselves. This is one of the reasons why people like to tell stories. ”

- Roger C. Schank, Tell Me A Story


Book 7 - The Ultimate Sample Essays: English Language Paper 2

【英語寫作 ‧ 細味範文】

ISBN 978-962-296-075-6


This book is never meant to be Holy Bible for sheer memorization or regurgitation. Plagiarism has always been a big no-no in public examinations, or anywhere else. So, don’t chance it. 

Book 8 - Writing Social Issues for HKDSE: Teens Today

【那些年,我們討論的社會議題 – 個人篇】

ISBN 978-962-296-079-4

Life is but a battle. Study hard, my friends.

本書提供多款高分範文,涵蓋從個人角度出發的社會議題,教你 Read to Write better,幫助香港中學文憑試考生獲得高分,是考生必買的參考書。

Book 9 - Writing Social Issues for HKDSE: The World Around Us

【那些年,我們討論的[社會]議題 – 世界篇】

ISBN 978-962-296-080-0

Life is but a battle. Study hard, my friends.

本書提供多款高分範文,涵蓋從世界性角度出發的社會議題,教你 Read to Write better,幫助香港中學文憑試考生獲得高分,是考生必買的參考書。

Book 10 - Write On: A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing HKDSE Essays


ISBN 978-962-296-083-1

“Do not put statements in the negative form. And don't start sentences with a conjunction. If you reread your work, you will find on rereading that a great deal of repetition can be avoided by rereading and editing. Never use a long word when a diminutive one will do. Unqualified superlatives are the worst of all. Deaccession euphemisms. If any word is improper at the end of a sentence, a linking verb is. Avoid trendy locutions that sound flaky. Last, but not least, avoid clichés like the plague.”

- William Safire, Great Rules of Writing


Book 11 - The DSE Phrasal Verb Book


ISBN 978-962-296-085-5

Phrasal verbs are an indispensable part of the English Language, especially when having a conversation with a native English speaker. Phrasal verbs consist of a verb and a preposition, a verb and an adverb, or sometimes a combination of the two. Phrasal verbs often have single-word synonyms, such as ‘put off’ and ‘delay’, but not all phrasal verbs have a precise equivalent. Building up your phrasal verb vocabulary will increase your understanding of the language, help you score at exams, and improve your English communication. 


Book 12 - HKDSE Must Reads: Phrases & Clauses

【HKDSE 應試必讀: 片語及子句】

ISBN 978-962-296-092-3

This book is specially written for those who want to polish and modify sentence structures of English Language including Noun Clauses, Adjective Clauses, Adverbial Clauses and Participial Phrases. 



English in Action: Common Grammar, Usage & Confusing Words

【英語動起來: 常見文法、慣用法和混淆字詞】

ISBN 978-988-16764-2-9

English in Action is a useful little book for students who want to solidify their foundation in the English language, especially in the areas of grammar, usage and confusing words. Say no more. Let’s move to score!


( 本書由美善出版有限公司出版 published by Mesa Press Ltd.)

IELTS Model Essays


ISBN 978-962-296-086-2

“I never had any frustration about writing uncredited. I always felt that the satisfaction of doing it was in the doing of it, really, and getting recognised by the small number of people that know what you did.”

 - Tom Stoppard